VALERIE LE DEROFF, translator & copywriter

As a freelance lawyer-linguist, I specialize in helping US-based law firms and legal departments handle international legal and business matters efficiently and effectively.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, I translate from English to French.
I work hand-in-hand with you to understand your business needs, and I meet all deadlines. Quality and attention to detail are extremely important to me.

I offer a personalized service with one point of contact. Your message will not get lost and the confidentiality of your documents will be strictly respected.


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Furthering my education and learning new skills is part of my DNA, and is essential to remaining relevant in my work. I take legal classes regularly, which allows me to carefully craft my translations using the most updated terminology. I also participate in translation workshops and technology training to be efficient and better serve my clients.


A few examples:

  • 2021 Certificate in contract drafting (Rédaction de contrats - Université de Genève, Switzerland) in civil & common law countries.

  • 2017 Translate in Québec: high-end training focused on business writing techniques.

  • 2016 contract law class at Université de Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne about the much-anticipated reform of French contract law.

  • U.S. law – American basic concepts and terminology in the fields of constitutional, criminal and contract law.

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“Your work is simply excellent.” 


—  Jean-Claude Alyko, Manager, Idée-Up France

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I was born and educated in France, where I earned a Master in French business law and a diploma in European law – from, respectively, Université Paris XII and Université Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne. Right after finishing my studies I moved to Germany, where I used my legal analytical skills to write market research reports and publish papers on bancassurance. Four years later, I switched continents to settle in New York City for a decade before moving west to Chicago.

Choosing legal translation as a career is my way of bridging two fields I love: law and languages. An advanced law degree means that both I understand the intricacies of French law and have the analytical and research skills needed to accurately translate your legal documents.

However, being bilingual doesn’t inherently mean one can translate. That’s why I earned a Certificate in Translation from New York University, with a focus on law and marketing, to push my already-established written skills even further and learn the standards of the translation industry.

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