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legal translation by a lawyer

The law is a profession of words.

You have high standards and strict deadlines.
You need a voice to connect effectively with your French-speaking stakeholders while maintaining
a high level of quality and accuracy.

In short, you need a partner you can trust.

It can be hard to find that person—somebody who understands the complex nature of your work, who grasps relevant regulations and has the legal and linguistic knowledge to translate difficult legal concepts into French.

That's where I come in.

As a lawyer myself, I understand the importance of using the right terminology and meeting tight deadlines. And I make sure your French legal and business documents are impeccable.


Valerie Le Deroff, legal translator
Connect with me!

With a Master's in French business law and a diploma in European law, I'm more qualified than most translators to handle legal and business documents.
Even after 10 years of translation experience, I make it a point to further my legal knowledge by taking law courses that few other translators attend.

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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance

Are you looking for the right person to translate your CSR report or risk assessments? New reporting requirements and the demand for corporate transparency are becoming the norm.

Be a corporate sustainability leader by communicating globally about your health and safety, environmental and human rights practices.



Data Privacy and Data Security

Do you need help translating your privacy and data protection programs to achieve compliance?


The GDPR’s extraterritorial effect means that you need to protect the data of EU citizens and residents, whether you (or your clients) are based in the EU or not, as soon as you offer goods and services to EU citizens or monitor their behavior.




translation services


General law and Business

Business & law are so intertwined that I apply my translation skills far and wide to other topics like contracts, company law, human rights, legal opinions, annual reports, corporate procedure & policies, presentations, speeches, newsletters, and more…



Translation, editing & proofreading

Texts that will read like if they
were originally written in French


Let me show you my creative
side, without compromising
your ideas and goals



For lawyers, by a lawyer
Because terminology matters


Let me be your French corporate voice



You worked hard to produce your English text. You need me, an expert translator, because I will make sure my translation does justice to your hard work.

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