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You have high standards and strict deadlines.

I provide translations you can rely on.

Law is a profession of words.
When words cross linguistic and cultural boundaries, they need to be handled with expertise and sensitivity. That’s what I do.

You need a partner you can trust.

 The non-negotiables:


  • Accurate terminology

  • A deep understanding of the common law systems

  • Ability to compare common law/civil law systems and choose the correct translation strategy

  • Ability to write with precision and clarity to communicate the intended meaning unambiguously.



Valerie Le Deroff, legal translator

That’s where I come in.
Your documents need to be translated accurately.
There is no room for amateurism.



 As a lawyer myself, I understand that:

  • Your deadline is critical

  • You need reliable translations to do your work

  • You need peace of mind

  • You trust me to find you solutions

  • You need French legal and business documents that are impeccable.


What sets me apart

  • Experienced

  • Graduate in French law and in European law from top French universities

  • Received extensive training in legal translation

  • Professional


You work hard and you become frustrated with bad translations that waste your time and resources.

Working with me mean you will enjoy accurate, timely, and professional translations that save you time and money, and enhance your reputation.

In our global world, you need excellent communication skills to operate across borders. Languages should not be an impediment anymore.

How to proceed

Call or email me

Call me at +1 (917) 348-5221 or send me an email at

Please attach your documents for a prompt service.


I will respect your privacy and protect your sensitive information. I will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before starting any project as needed.


I will issue a quote within 24 hours.

Is it urgent?

Let’s talk, I will work with you to serve your needs.



You worked hard to produce your English text. Let's talk!

I will make sure my translation does justice to your hard work.

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