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Certificate in Contract Drafting (rédaction de contrats) from Université de Genève

I am happy to share that I earned a Certificate in Contract drafting (Rédaction de contracts) from the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

The course focuses on the generally admitted principles of drafting international contracts in countries of civil law and common law:

📍 Pre-contract documents

📍 Preamble

📍 Mandatory provisions

📍 Separate contracts & connecting clauses

📍 Designation of the parties

📍 Clauses that modulate the liability of the parties

📍 Performance guarantees, liquidated damages clauses

📍 Boilerplate clauses

📍 Property reserve clauses

📍 Duration, termination clauses

📍 Dispute resolution clauses

💡 Benefits: The course helps us understand the technical challenges of drafting contracts with a plethora of practical examples.

💡The focus on drawing parallels between civil law and common law clauses will unquestionably inform my translation work.


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